If you have never had a sports massage before, you might be considering what exactly it is, why and when you might need it, and what the benefits are. Sports massage has many benefits. As well as helping those participating in sports and fitness, sports massage can also help those experiencing muscular tension and pain caused by work-related activities, an active lifestyle, or even an injury. Below are 5 key benefits of having a sports massage.

#1 Improves Flexibility

When your muscles are tight it can cause issues with posture and irritate the nerve receptors within the muscle, leading to muscular pain and or injury. Sports massage improves flexibility by increasing the blood flow in the muscles, releasing tense and cramped muscles, and improving the range of motion in the joints.

#2 Improves Circulation

The friction that is created by a sports massage enhances both blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. Improving blood circulation helps to maintain muscle strength and improving lymphatic circulation helps the body in the removal of toxins and waste products.

#3 Helps Restore Balance

Muscular imbalances can reduce the range of motion as the joints become restricted. Sports massage is one the most effective therapies available for releasing muscle tension and restoring muscular balance. It can help to release muscular tension and restrictions by applying pressure and movement to help restore balance and function. 

#4 Promotes Repair

Reducing tension and improving circulation in the muscles helps to promote recovery and reduces the chance of an injury occurring. Sports massage promotes repair within the body allowing for greater quantity and quality of training.

#5 Prevents Injury

Sports massage helps prevent injuries by using a combination of stretches and massage techniques. By stretching the connective tissue, sports massage improves circulation to help prevent or break down any adhesions in the body that restrict movement and increase pain.

At Backworks we see sports massage as complementary to chiropractic treatment. It doesn’t have to be a painful experience as our therapists work within your comfort zones and are trained in other remedial massage techniques which gives them a greater scope of practice. 

If you are unsure whether sports massage can help you, then call us now on 01702 342329 and one of our therapists would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. We’re here to help!