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Neck Clinic Essex Southend-on-Sea

Our Practice Principles

The neck clinic in Essex, Southend-on-Sea that understands it can be difficult to know what to expect from a healthcare professional and to make the right choice.  Our Principles assure you as to how we will treat you.  In our view, this should be a minimum standard of care from any healthcare provider.

Core Principle:

“We put your interests first – all Practice Principles below are applied with this in mind.”

Neck Clinic Essex Southend-on-Sea

Principle 1: History and Examination

“We will assess you based on a full history (which includes your completing a comprehensive questionnaire) and a thorough clinical examination”.

After you have completed the questionnaire the initial consultation with a chiropractor typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour. It is important to us that you are properly informed and are happy with the approach we are proposing for you, and to that end we will explain our findings, proposed plan of care for you and what we are looking to achieve in your case. We will do this in plain English.

We cannot overstate the importance of this initial fact finding and review so that any treatment started is the correct one, and that the regular reassessments that are critical can be measured against an accurate starting point to properly assess progress and adjust treatments as necessary.

“If after examining you we do not think that chiropractic is the right treatment for you we will refer you to a GP / or another appropriate healthcare adviser; and where we do treat you we will (if you consent) write to your GP so they are aware of what we have found and our proposed plan of care for you.”

We refer people on a regular basis.  Chiropractic can be very effective for a wide range of problems, but it is not the answer to everything.

“We will not recommend that you have expensive x-rays and MRI’s where they are not appropriate and justified.”

For example, X-rays should only be used to rule out a fracture, dislocation or bone disease.  If you are under 55 and are not presenting any “red flags” (such as fatigue, weight loss or the possibility of a fracture) there is unlikely to be any justification to exposing you to ionising radiation (x-rays).

“We will not tell you that you need large numbers of treatments (e.g. 20 plus) after an initial assessment, and we will review your progress and plan of care on a regular basis.”

It is simply not possible for any chiropractor to know how you will respond to treatment.  Typically, where we believe chiropractic treatment is appropriate, we would be advising in a range of up to 8 treatments, and then a reassessment.  We will also tell you when it is appropriate to reduce or stop chiropractic treatment.

“We will not ask you for large sums to be paid up front (with or without discounts).”

We ask you to pay on the day for the treatment you are having that day – nothing more.

“We will always consider and advise you what exercises or other activities can supplement your chiropractic treatment.”

We take an holistic view when examining, treating and reassessing you.  We know that a key part in your recovery and maintenance may well be self-management and exercising, specifically strength and endurance.

“We will not use questionable marketing techniques.”

Regrettably, we are seeing more and more patients asking us for a second opinion because they have seen another healthcare provider for back or neck pain and something doesn’t seem “quite right”.

There are a variety of gimmicks that can be used by healthcare providers to try to attract patients, and which we have not used and will not use.  These include “spinal scans” such as surface electromyography scans (SEMG), and overemphasis on postural analysis.  These tools can be useful in limited cases if used in the right context.  If of interest please click here for an article on when and what SEMG’s should be used.

Neck Clinic Essex Southend-on-Sea

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