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Official Chiropractors for Southend United F.C. & West Ham United F.C. Women

Sports Injury Clinic Essex Southend-on-Sea

Sports Clubs

Discover how our tailored sports injury clinic in Essex, Southend-on-Sea is enhancing athlete performance, reducing injury rates and contributing to the overall success of these prestigious clubs. This page highlights our commitment to excellence in sports healthcare and our role in supporting athletes to achieve their highest potential.

Sports Injury Clinic Essex Southend-on-Sea

Southend United and Southend Rugby Club

Discover how Backworks’ innovative collaboration with Southend United and Southend Rugby Club is pioneering sports health care. Through tailored chiropractic programs, we aim to dramatically reduce non-contact injuries among elite athletes, ensuring they spend more time in play than on the sidelines. Our page delves into the strategic partnership, highlighting the research-backed methods and success stories that underscore our commitment to sports excellence and athlete well-being.


West Ham United F.C. Women

Explore the pivotal role of chiropractic care in supporting the spinal health and athletic performance of West Ham United F.C. Women’s team. This page delves into how chiropractic services, specializing in spinal health, are integrated within the club’s medical framework to optimize player well-being, prevent injuries, and enhance on-field performance. Through a collaborative approach with the club’s medical staff, the chiropractic team provides tailored treatments, emphasizing injury prevention, pain relief, and long-term wellness strategies for the athletes.