Many people continue to question the benefits of chiropractic treatment and the impact that it may have on their health. Below we have addressed some common myths about chiropractors and how chiropractic treatment works.

MYTH 1: There’s No Proof That Chiropractic Treatment Works

Despite the fact that the chiropractic profession has invested a significant amount of time and resources to build a large amount of evidence studying the impact of chiropractic treatments on musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, chiropractic treatment is still frequently questioned on its effectiveness.

The truth is that spinal and joint manipulation has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The Spine Journal references numerous studies which involved spinal manipulation and the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that 26 out of 28 patients that were suffering from chronic whiplash syndrome improved following chiropractic treatment.

MYTH 2: Chiropractors Only Work on the Back

Chiropractors are often known as “back doctors” even though they don’t only work on the back. The spinal column contains moveable bones and if they become misaligned they put pressure on the nerves. When this happens it creates dysfunction within the body which can affect muscles and organs causing pain, numbness and tingling, headaches and sometimes more serious health problems.

Chiropractors have a strong understanding of how the spine is connected to the body’s overall functions. They can diagnose, treat and help to prevent disorders of the spine, joints and muscles.

MYTH 3: Your GP Must Refer You to a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession, meaning that chiropractors are competent in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal issues. You do not need to see your GP for a referral to book an appointment with a chiropractor, however, you should ensure that your treatment is provided by a chiropractor who is appropriately registered, and who meets any requirements stated by your insurance company. The chiropractors at Backworks are covered by most insurance companies including BUPA and AXXA.

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