An important part of a healthy pregnancy is maintaining good posture. During pregnancy, the centre of gravity moves due to the increased weight being carried in the front of the body, and so women experience a curving of the lumbar spine. The increase in hormones causes the joints and ligaments to loosen, and the abdominal muscles also become stretched and are less able to contract and keep the lower back in proper alignment, which puts added pressure on the spine.

Stretching and strengthening your spine is incredibly important during pregnancy as the stress placed upon it increases with ligament laxity and increased weight. Carrying out simple core exercises such as pelvic tilts can be useful. Using a Swiss gym ball can also be beneficial to sit on to take pressure off your spine, but also to allow you to carry out exercises such as pelvic tilts and rolls.

If suffering from back pain or joint pain, try to avoid repetitive bending and lifting. However, mild exercise when pregnant is actually good for both you and your baby, and low-impact exercise is an excellent way of improving your fitness. You should try to stick to familiar activities and not exceed exercise levels that you achieved prior to your pregnancy, but remember that as your pregnancy progresses, it is natural to slow down. Swimming can be of great benefit, as the water takes the pressure off of the strained joints whilst also providing exercise.

The NHS offer the following tips for maintaining your posture during pregnancy:

Standing Posture:

● Stand tall.
● Tuck your bottom under.
● Lift your bump towards you.
● Ensure your weight is equal between both feet.

Sitting Posture:

● Sit back into the chair.
● Try to keep your knees below your hips
● Ensure both feet are on the floor.

If you are fit and have good muscle tone before the pregnancy, you are more likely to be able to cope with the postural changes that occur, as well as make for an easier birth. However, there are some exercises that can be useful for maintaining your posture during pregnancy, you can talk to a chiropractor at Backworks for advice about these on 01702 342329. You can also read our blog on Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy for more information on why and how it can help.