Our bodies are designed for movement. Working long hours in an office often results in poor posture, slumped shoulders, a stiff neck, and even headaches. It is difficult to work efficiently when suffering from back or neck pain, a headache, or a migraine. Correcting the posture creates less stress and strain on the body, circulation can improve, sleep quality is usually higher, and if we participate in exercise, the risk of injury is lowered, strength improves and we feel the benefits much more.

Many people believe that they need to be involved in sport in order to benefit from receiving sports massage treatment. However, sports massage is also able to restore the movement and functionality in the stiff and aching muscles of office workers. There are many sports massage techniques that are used on athletes that can also benefit office workers, allowing you to return to work with a more focused mind, and a pain free body.

Sports massage is a manual therapy that uses the hands to manipulate soft tissue in a systematic way in order to address issues with our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia, to assist in correcting problems and imbalances. The benefits of sports massage and the techniques used can help to address headaches and neck pain, musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain and more. 

Sitting in a chair for up to eight hours a day will also slow down your blood flow. Sports massage encourages a healthy blood flow around our body, improving the circulation and bringing the muscles the oxygen-rich blood that they need, helping to remove waste substances and promote tissue repair.

At Backworks we look not only at diagnosing and treating your complaint but at getting to the root cause of the problem, what caused it in the first place and how to stop it from recurring. 

The training our sports massage therapists have completed allows them to identify problems within the muscles related to pain or general stress. Understanding how your body interacts with your working environment can promote a better understanding of how to prevent further pain. Exercise also plays a large part in rehabilitation, so even if you aren’t a typical gym-goer, you may still be shown simple exercises that can aid you in recovery. 

If you are unsure whether sports massage can help you, call us now on 01702 342329 and one of our sports massage therapists would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.