As some of you may know already we as regulated healthcare professionals have to carry out a mandatory minimum requirement of continuing professional development (CPD) every year. This allows us to stay up to date with the latest research and prevents us from getting rusty!

This weekend a few of us attended the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) Autumn Conference. This involved two days of different speakers, discussions with colleagues and a wide array of new systems and technology such as shockwave therapy to play around with.

I wanted to give you an overview of what we have been learning to show you just how hard the team at Backworks strive to be the best they can be.

To begin with, we delved into the emerging research presenting back pain as a worldwide epidemic with a need for urgent action to be taken; something that we as chiropractors are fully qualified to deal with. Years ago, chiropractors used to be shunned as “witch doctors” but the scientific research emerging to support what we do is overwhelming and growing every year.

Medical consultants instructed us on the application of laser therapy utilised in pain management of conditions such as plantar fasciitis or complex regional pain syndrome. With technology improving so quickly this is an area that is always a struggle to keep up to date with the latest bit of kit – much like it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest phone.

Everyone associates bad balance with an increased risk of falls, particularly in the elderly population, however, there is a strong link between back pain and balance, further leading to an increased risk of falls. Whilst at the conference we refreshed our knowledge on assessing gaits (walking patterns), so if you see us watching you walk don’t get too concerned!

Being part of our local community is really important to me and the rest of the Backworks team. Colleagues in the profession shared their ideas and experiences on providing more for their patients and the communities they live in. Hopefully, you will see more from us as we strive to implement ideas and give more back to our town.

We were privileged to have experienced chiropractors updating us on hip osteoarthritis (wear and tear), diagnostic techniques and treatment. This is always useful as we have continually tried to keep as many of you away from hip replacements for as long as possible.

Along with all the fantastic lectures we attended, there were a number of workshops which resonated with our interests in the profession. Some of our front-of-house team got involved in workshops that were aimed at providing a better experience for our patients (even more so than the exceptional job they do already). I heard from ex-professional Saracens rugby player Will Fraser on beating his numerous injuries and the outstanding career he has had. Jenny attended additional paediatrics workshops whilst Netty even practised her techniques on willing canine volunteers.

Ultimately we all came away with a lot of fresh and updated knowledge to provide you with the best care possible. So keep your eye out for a few more blogs on some of the information we have picked up.