A large number of people are likely to experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. It is one of the most common causes of job-related disabilities and is also the top contributor to missed days at work. It isn’t always possible to identify the cause of back pain, but most of the time, it isn’t anything to worry about.

Below we have listed 5 of the most common causes of back pain – and how contacting a chiropractor can help.

1) Lifestyle Choices

Back pain can be brought on by the choices that you make in your day-to-day life, such as eating unhealthy food, not exercising, wearing high heels and slouching whilst sitting. Making healthier lifestyle choices helps to decrease the risk of developing long-term lower back pain.

In cases like this, a chiropractor will be able to offer you some advice to help better manage your lifestyle choices in order to treat the cause of the back pain, rather than just the symptoms.

2) Sports Injuries

Strains and sprains are the most common types of sports injuries that cause back pain in athletes. You may suffer muscle spasms in your lower back when the muscles and tendons are torn. This typically happens when lifting weights or playing sports. Injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support the spine can also lead to back pain. This can happen if you try to lift something, twisting your body at the same time.

When these types of injuries happen chiropractic treatment can help to shorten the time it takes to heal, providing pain relief from a wide range of sports injuries.

3) Disc Bulge (known to most as a “Slipped-Disc”)

Back pain can occur when something is wrong with the way your spinal joints, muscles, discs and nerves move and interact. One of the most common spine-related issues is a herniated or prolapsed disc. This happens when the soft centre of the disc pushes out against the tougher cartilage outer surface, which can cause back pain. When a disc bulge presses against a nerve it can cause numbness, a tingling sensation and a feeling of weakness in the arms or legs.

When seeking treatment, some people mistakenly believe that chiropractic might cause more damage to the spine, however, chiropractors are trained in dealing with these type of spine-related issues on a daily basis.

4) Arthritis

Most people do not realise that there are many different types of arthritis and many of them can target the lower back and neck, causing pain and stiffness. These can be split into two categories, inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Osteoarthritis (noninflammatory/degenerative) is the most common form of arthritis, affecting the lower back through wear and tear.

If you have back pain due to osteoarthritis, chiropractic treatment is recommended. Since osteoarthritis is a dysfunction of the joints, it responds well to mobilisation.

5) Pregnancy

It’s extremely common to suffer from back pain during pregnancy. As the ligaments in your body soften and stretch to prepare your body for labour, it can put a strain on the joints in your pelvis and lower back.

It’s safe and beneficial to visit a chiropractor when pregnant. Treatment can help manage pain in your back, hips, and joints. They may also recommend some gentle exercises that can help to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which should help to ease the pain.

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