For the last 4 months, as instructed by the UK government, those of us who can work from home have been doing exactly that. But when you work from home, where do you actually work?

You might choose to sit at your dining room table or on your sofa, some days you might even work from your bed. However, sitting on a dining chair, a sofa or a bed for months on end can cause aches and pains in the body. Here are some tips on how to combat this.

Sitting with Good Posture at Home

It’s important to sit with good posture because sitting is bad for the spine. If you are working at a desk or table, whilst seated, your feet should be flat on the ground and directly underneath your knees, with knees ideally positioned slightly lower than your hips. Avoid chairs that are too tall or too short. 

Make sure that your spine is not curved by lifting your chest and rolling back your shoulders. Your shoulders, ribs and hips should all be aligned. Make sure the top third of your screen is at eye height, that your elbows are at your sides and that your forearms are in front and can reach your keyboard.

The sofa might feel like a comfortable place to work, but after a while, you begin to slump. If you are working from your sofa, make sure that you are sitting upright with some pillows behind your back. And if you are working from your bed, for whatever reason, prop yourself up with pillows behind your back and underneath your arms and legs. Your knees should be bent and your elbows should be at the sides of your body. I would also note that I would never advise anyone to work from their sofa or their bed, however, appreciate that sometimes there is no other option.

Take Regular Breaks from Work

It is important to take regular breaks from working whilst sitting. Standing up and stretching your body every 30 minutes or so is a must. Take a walk around your house or garden or just march in place. This will help the body’s circulation and reduce the risk of thrombosis occurring. Set a reminder on your phone to help you remember. You can also try standing whilst you work or investing in a standing desk.

Use a Keyboard & Mouse with Your Laptop

Laptops are also an offending item when it comes to causing poor posture. Unfortunately, many of us currently working from home left the office with our laptops, but perhaps without the external devices that we would usually have attached to them, like a keyboard and mouse.

When you use a laptop without a keyboard and mouse for a prolonged then you become more susceptible to neck and upper back pain, as it is harder to maintain good posture. So if you can get your hands on them whilst working at home, make sure that you use them.

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