The nervous system is one of the major systems responsible for controlling the body and its most essential functions. It processes and communicates information sent from the brain through neurotransmitters, which then trigger a reaction within our body, affecting the way that our bodies move and function.

The nervous system can be split into two distinct types. The voluntary nervous system or somatic nervous system, controls all of our conscious movements, such as walking or raising our arms. The involuntary nervous system or autonomic nervous system, regulates the processes in the body that we are not conscious of, such as breathing.

Unfortunately, for some people, this communication between the brain and body can become disrupted or interfered with, which can be caused by some common bad habits such as:

As a neuromusculoskeletal specialist, a chiropractor can focus on this lack of communication between the brain and body, which can cause the symptoms being experienced. They remove joint restrictions with manual adjustments and offer lifestyle recommendations, allowing our nervous system to maintain a more balanced body that is capable of coping with stress that may not be easily avoided. Once the brain’s communication pathway to the body has been restored, by detecting and correcting the interference, any pain or emotional discomfort decreases, and sometimes disappears completely. 

Chiropractic is a suitable therapy for those suffering from injuries such as those caused by a car accident, repetitive strain injury, a sports injury or even emotional stress and anxiety. Stressful situations increase the heart rate and blood pressure and can trigger muscle tension and even a chemical imbalance in the body. Without help to recover from this type of negative imbalance, it can begin to disrupt other systems within the body.

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