The perfect pair of high heels can help to add style to any outfit for a special occasion from a quiet dinner with friends to a festive Christmas party. According to The Spine Health Institute (SHI) website, approximately 72% of women choose to wear high heels sometimes and 77% of women wear them for special occasions. High heels are even an everyday choice of work footwear for some. Unfortunately, however, wearing this style of footwear can cause a certain amount of suffering to the body.

High heels, whilst chic and fashionable, can cause serious alignment issues and postural problems. High heels place more pressure on the front of your feet, the forefoot (the ball) rather than the heel, meaning that your body has to adapt to being off-balance. Wearing them harms your posture and gait taking a toll on the alignment of your spine, hips, knees ankles and feet. This happens because your body tries to compensate by flexing itself at the hips and spine in order to maintain balance. This can cause misalignment and put excessive pressure on the knees whilst causing the muscles in your calves, hips and back to become tense.

The height of the heel determines the pressure put on to the forefoot and a higher heel means more pressure. 2-inch heels place 57% more pressure and 3-inch heels 76% more. The frequent wearing of high heels can have detrimental effects on the body leading to changes in the centre of gravity and balance and alignment of the body. 

You do not need to stop wearing high heels, but you should start to think more sensibly when choosing your footwear. Low heels with wide bases are preferable to a pair of 5-inch stiletto heels. The heel should ideally be under 1 and a half inches and a wider base will help to spread the load of your weight more evenly. Heels over 3 inches can shorten your Achilles tendon. It is also important to reduce the wearing of high heels during adolescence so as not to adversely affect posture, growth and the development of the musculoskeletal system. 

If you do decide to wear high heels make sure that they are the right size and try to change them throughout the day or from one day to the next in order to give your body some time to recover.

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