During cold weather, you might have noticed that wearing big, thick coats and scarves can affect your movement, and also your posture. Coats with large hoods, for example, may cause you to strain your neck as you try to look out and see your surroundings.

However, clothing worn in all different types of weather has the ability to affect how we stand and move around. By becoming more aware of how you feel in the clothes, as well as how they look, your posture will improve, you will feel able to move around better in the clothing that you’re wearing, and you will feel good about yourself.

Skinny Jeans

Many people don’t realise that skinny jeans can affect their posture. The reason they may create back, neck and posture problems are that they restrict your movement. If you are unable to move freely, particularly around the hips and knees, it can cause you to walk differently and also affect how you hold the rest of your body. Restrictive clothing in general can affect the way that you walk, causing added pressure in your joints.

Tight Waistlines

Avoid clothing that is too tight around the waistline as it prevents your core muscles in the central part of your body, including your pelvis, lower back, hips and stomach from activating and engaging. It can also restrict your breathing as it prevents breathing through your diaphragm. Wearing clothing that is too tight around the waist will also have you bending from the waist, rather than your hips. Bending and turning from the hips is better for your posture.


Handbags are one of the main causes of poor posture. Any bags that sit on one side of your body can lead to back, neck and posture problems. Carrying a heavy handbag consistently on one shoulder causes asymmetrical stress on the body. More often than not, the shoulder becomes pulled up higher because people unconsciously raise their shoulder when holding a bag in this way, to prevent it from slipping off the shoulder. Read our blog on how to carry a bag and maintain good posture, and remember that no matter what style of bag you use, you should be aware of your posture while carrying it. 


If your footwear is too tight then your toes will be unable to spread out, meaning that you have a less solid base for standing, which can cause added tension higher up in the body. 

Any footwear that prevents the toes from extending fully will affect your posture. On the other end of the scale, wearing footwear that is too big, is also a posture-causing problem. If your shoes are very heavy, it can impact your gait, and in turn, your posture as you subconsciously lift your knees and hips higher.

High heels are another big offender. High-heeled shoes and backless shoes increase the strain put on your legs and lower back. They place more pressure on the front of your feet, rather than the heel, meaning that your body has to adapt to being off-balance. Read our blog on how high heels affect your posture to find out more. 

Scarves & Neckwear

Any clothing that goes around the neck, such as thick scarves and heavy necklaces, can encourage a head-forward posture. Without even noticing it, your shoulders will rise up around your ears. With your neck muscles working against gravity to keep your head held straight, they will also be at greater risk of strains.


A very large percentage of women wear the wrong-sized bra, and this can affect your posture. When you breathe, your ribs should be able to expand in all directions, however, the supportive band of a bra wraps around the ribcage. When people wear a tight-fitting bra, they will breathe high up in front of the chest, and there will be little expansion of the ribs. Preventing this expansion which is crucial for both posture and breathing causes imbalances elsewhere in the body, including the shoulders and pelvis.

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