Winter is a difficult time for many. It doesn’t matter how much you love snow days, exposure to cold temperatures can negatively impact your body and your health. Here is a list of different reasons to visit a chiropractor during the winter for help. 

Relieve cold weather joint pain

Winter weather typically affects those suffering from arthritis and many people that suffer from persistent muscle or joint pain often agree that it gets worse during cold or wet weather. Chiropractic treatment can often help to provide an effective solution to this type of pain, using gentle manipulation to increase the mobility of the joints and reduce inflammation.

Treat a winter weather-related injury

Winter weather means plenty of snow and ice, leading to an increased risk of injury. MSK issues often arise during winter when people fall on the ice or snow. Common winter weather-related injuries include twisted and sprained ankles, muscle and ligament strains and back, neck and shoulder injuries. 

If you have suffered from an injury like this you should get checked by a doctor straight away, in order to make sure that the injury is nothing too serious. A chiropractor will be able to offer you an effective treatment plan for recovery.

Fight inactivity and increased weight

During the winter months, many people tend to stay indoors curled up on the sofa, binge-watching Netflix and indulging in snacks and comfort food. Decreased physical activity and increased appetite can lead to weight gain, putting a strain on your joints and making your body feel stiff and painful, especially in the lower back area. Visiting a chiropractor can help you fight off the discomfort associated with decreased activity in the winter.

Combat seasonal depression

As well as causing bodily discomfort, cold weather can have an effect on both the immune system and mental health. The seasonal effects of reduced sunlight can cause low moods sometimes called “winter depression” because the symptoms are usually more apparent and more severe during the winter. 

Health studies also exist to back up the effectiveness of chiropractic care in relieving mental health symptoms. A chiropractor can improve functionality in the nervous system and brain, find the balance between the mind and body and release positive hormones, which improve mental clarity and combat the type of depression associated with seasonal changes.

If the winter weather seems to be taking a toll on your body, or mind, consider visiting a chiropractor at Backworks for help. You can find out about our chiropractic services by calling us now on 01702 342329, we also offer online chiropractic consultations.