It’s almost spring, which is a period of increased physical activity for most. After what feels like an especially long winter in the UK due to lockdown measures, now is an excellent time to shake off those winter blues and consider giving your general health a boost. Here are some good reasons to visit a chiropractor during the Spring.

Improve the Body’s Functional Movement

Spring is a time of year when most people want to feel healthy and in good physical shape, however, we’ve been staying inside even more than we usually would, which has made achieving this more difficult than usual, especially for those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such hypermobility and arthritis. 

As the weather warms you might want to get outside and get moving again but find that your suffering from aches and pains. Chiropractic treatment can often help to provide an effective solution to this type of pain, using gentle manipulation to increase the mobility of the joints and reduce inflammation. As the pain lessens, you will find that your flexibility should increase and your activity levels begin to rise as a result of the improvements. 

Boost Mood & Energy Levels

Spring is the perfect time to receive a boost in both your mood and your energy levels and visiting a chiropractor can help. When a body’s function is impaired is can interrupt sleep patterns and affect energy levels. Chiropractic treatment focuses on improving spinal health by removing misalignments and helping the body function optimally.

The seasonal effects of reduced sunlight during the darker months can cause low moods known as “seasonal affective disorder”. A chiropractor can improve functionality in the nervous system and brain, finding the balance between the mind and body and releasing positive hormones, improving mental clarity and combatting the type of depression associated with these type of seasonal changes.

Help Prepare for a Sporting Event

Spring is a time of year that is packed full of sporting events and most of the top athletes in the world benefit from regular chiropractic care to help boost an athlete’s performance and help to prevent injuries from occurring.

It is important for athletes to focus on the body, health and optimal functional movement all year round, not just during the spring. By keeping an athlete in the best form consistently, they will train more efficiently and effectively. Chiropractic adjustments form an important part of this training, particularly in competitive sports, where an athlete needs to eliminate fatigue and boost strength, speed and flexibility.

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