Online chiropractic consultations from the comfort of your own home!

During this period of uncertainty and almost the entire community in self-isolation, restricting most of us to the confines of our homes, we still want to provide an opportunity to help you whether that be some reassurance, information or advice, and whether you are in pain, unable to follow your usual exercise regime or rooted to a desk for 8 hours a day.

Technology is making all aspects of life more efficient. Healthcare is no different. An online chiropractic consultation (Telehealth appointment) is designed for people who are unable to attend the clinic for whatever reason. This may be because you are suffering severe pain, have been advised to self-isolate at home, or simply wish to speak with an expert from the comfort of your own home.

In the appointment, you will speak to one of our practitioners via video link over the internet (don’t worry, we will help you with the set-up to make it as easy as possible!). Research has shown that this can be a highly effective alternative to face – to – face consultations.

During the appointment, the practitioner will take a detailed history of your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, educate you about the problem and provide advice. They will be able to prescribe or demonstrate a tailored exercise programme to help resolve the issue.

Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes (but this may be shorter). You will be able to contact the practitioner over the following days should you have any further questions. Your practitioner may likely recommend a follow-up Telehealth appointment (around 15 mins) a few days later to monitor your improvement. This allows them to update the advice and exercises to help you progress. Although an online chiropractic consultation involves no physical contact, it can still be effective in reducing pain and restoring function to the body.

We are excited to offer this new mode of communication where we can use our knowledge and experience to help our community. Please take the opportunity to take advantage of this service as much as possible over the coming months.

Telehealth Appointments

Helping you get set up

All you will need is a laptop or computer with a camera, and reliable internet connection…that’s all! At the time of your appointment your practitioner will call you on your phone and provide very simple instructions on how to access the video link. If you’d prefer to use your smart phone for the video link (instead of your laptop/computer), please download the “ZOOM cloud meetings” app in advance.

Once your appointment is booked, your confirmation email will also confirm the above steps.

History and diagnosis

The practitioner will take a detailed history of your current symptoms as well as any previous injuries or underlying health conditions (if possible we will have sent you a medical history form beforehand to complete). The benefit of video link is that they may even ask you to perform a few simple movements to ask how it changes your pain (i.e. a basic examination). Based on this information they can form a diagnosis.

Once they know what the problem is they can give you advice, reassurance and then guide you on how long it will take until you feel better.

A tailored exercise programme

Your practitioner will prescribe a series of exercises designed to alleviate your symptoms and help fix the underlying problem. The benefit of video link is that they can demonstrate the exercises themselves and assess your ability to carry out these exercises. You will be emailed the exercise programme and advised how often to do them.

It is likely the practitioner may recommend a follow-up Telehealth appointment a few days later to monitor your improvment. This allows them to update the advice and exercises to help you progress.

Online Chiropractic Consultations FAQs

What is a telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment is an online video consultation. It is conducted in the same as a regular appointment, except that you will see and speak to your Chiropractor via a video conference call, discussing your health concerns, symptoms, and medical history to receive professional advice, guidance, and treatment recommendations.

What technology do I need for an online consultation?

You will need a device with a camera and microphone, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for a smooth video consultation and consider a quiet, well-lit space for optimal interaction with your chiropractor.

What should I wear during the online consultation?

Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing during the online consultation, allowing the chiropractor to assess the affected area easily. Opt for attire that exposes the problem area, facilitating a more accurate visual examination and ensuring the chiropractor can provide appropriate guidance for your musculoskeletal concerns.

What should I expect during an online chiropractic consultation?

During an online consultation, the practitioner will take a detailed history of your current symptoms as well as any previous injuries or underlying health conditions. Patients can discuss their symptoms, medical history, and concerns. We may ask you to perform a few simple movements to ask how it changes your pain. Based on this information the practitioner can form a diagnosis.

What conditions can be addressed through online chiropractic consultations?

Online chiropractic consultations can address a range of musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, posture problems, and other related conditions. Our chiropractors may provide advice, exercises, stretches, and lifestyle modifications to manage and alleviate these conditions.

Can I receive chiropractic care online if I’m pregnant?

Chiropractors can provide guidance on prenatal care, exercises, and posture during online consultations. However, specific hands-on adjustments may be limited, and in-person visits may be recommended for certain pregnancy-related issues.

Can online consultations be used for preventive care?

Yes, chiropractors can provide guidance on preventive measures, exercises, and lifestyle adjustments to maintain musculoskeletal health during virtual consultations. Proactive discussions during virtual appointments empower individuals to address potential issues early, promoting overall well-being and preventing future musculoskeletal problems.

How much does an online chiropractic consultation cost?

A virtual new patient consultation is £47 and follow-up virtual appointments are £32.

Book an initial online consultation for £47

To book an online chiropractic consultation via a telehealth appointment simply call us on 01702 342329 or head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page and we’ll get back to you promptly.