At Backworks we are able to help people of all ages that are suffering from pain, injury or illness involving the musculoskeletal system. Our team of highly experienced healthcare providers offer professional advice and treatment tailored to your needs to help you achieve pain-free living.

Over the years we have developed a close working relationship with numerous GPs and local consultants, providing evidence-based, expert assessment and treatment of spinal pain and we are the only local clinic to provide exclusive specialist spinal pain services for two professional sports teams.

The treatment given by chiropractors is usually painless. However, if there is inflammation in the area or the muscles are in a state of spasm it may feel slightly uncomfortable. Your chiropractor will modify your treatment to ensure there is as little discomfort as possible.

It is likely you will experience some soreness or discomfort after the initial treatment session, which occurs as the joints and soft tissues which are moved out of their comfort zone start to reposition themselves and heal appropriately. It is normally short lasting and as your body gets used to the treatment you are less likely to experience this.

This varies depending on factors of the individual and of what is causing the complaint you present with. Generally the longer you have pain the longer it will take to fix, so the best advice is to visit a chiropractor sooner rather than later so your path to recovery can be quick and stress-free. Your chiropractor will assess the situation in detail on your first visit and design a treatment plan unique to you.

When tension is placed through a joint the pressure that builds up form little bubbles of gas. When joints are manipulated that extra bit of pressure through the joint causes these bubbles to “pop” but this sound is not significant and does not hurt. This is the same principle as “clicking” your knuckles.

We always recommend ice first. Generally, everyone thinks to put heat on a sore back, shoulder or neck first. Though this might feel better it only has a superficial effect helping ease some of the aches from tight muscles. Ice has a deeper effect, getting to the joints and helping to decrease the inflammatory processes that are occurring within and around the joints as well as relaxing the muscles, and numbing the area. There are times for both ice or heat and sometimes using ice and heat together can help, however, your chiropractor will advise you on the best course of action for you to take.

Not necessarily. Your chiropractor will assess you fully before making this decision and if they deem it a sensible option will refer you to the appropriate professional to achieve this as quickly as possible. This also applies to other testing such as blood tests, urine tests or MRI imaging. If you have already undergone any testing or scans elsewhere, bring any reports or scans with you on your first visit as they may be helpful.

There are differences in technique and philosophy, however, both professions strive to provide the best evidence-based treatment. Both professions have statutory regulation and the important thing is for whoever you see to ensure they are registered with the appropriate governing body whether that be the General Chiropractic Council or the General Osteopathic Council.

No, you do not need to see a GP first. We are trained to diagnose, assess and treat neuromusculoskeletal disorders which is why we are classed as “primary healthcare providers”.

Yes, we offer online consultations. Designed for people who are unable to attend the clinic for whatever reason, they are conducted in the same way as a regular appointment, except that you will see and speak to your health care provider via a video conference call.