Chiropractic Cost

Initial Consultation
(Incl. first treatment or over three years since last treatment) – £60
Follow-up Treatments – £42
Re-Examination and Treatment
(new condition or over a year since last treatment) – £52
For student prices (under 18) please enquire.

Sports Massage Cost

Initial Session – £50
Follow-up Appointments – £42

Virtual Consultation Cost

Initial Consultation – £47
Follow-up sessions – £32

MRI and X-Ray Referrals Cost

We also refer patients out to the Chartwell Private Hospital in Leigh-on-Sea for MRI scans or X-rays when required. The prices that follow are the self-funding prices, which include a CD and consultant report.

MRI – £199 (per region)
X-ray – £40 (per region)

Please note that we cannot refer any patients without a full examination having been carried out.

Insurance Information

We are also covered by most insurance companies including AXA, Aviva, SimplyHealth and WPA.

We are happy to bill your insurer directly as long as we receive the following items from you.  We must have all three of these items for direct billing:

1 A copy of your policy number and authorisation number from your insurer together with their billing address.

2 A copy of the referral letter from your GP or consultant so we can let them know how you are doing.

3 A copy of the letter from your insurer stating any policy excess or percentage of co-payment that you are responsible for together with the number of treatment sessions authorised or monetary limit. For example, a policy limit of £1000 or 12 treatments.

If you need our Aviva provider number please call reception on 01702 342329. Many insurers will just need our GCC registration number which is 03717 for Jonathan Hicks, 03655 for Jennifer Woodman and 04732 for Vaneta Vanicek. If you would like to pay for your treatment and claim the costs back from your insurer yourself, settling your account on the same day as the treatment is incurred,  we will provide you with an itemised receipt for your insurer.