Unlike the common perception of golf, it is very physically demanding. Golf is a sport that uses a huge range of muscles and joints in the body, from the entirety of the back to the wrist. In the golf swing alone, you need flexibility, power and stability in the hips, wrists, shoulders, neck, elbows and spine. Sports massage can help to improve this in golfers.

Sports massage can help to improve flexibility by breaking down any adhesions, increasing temperature (by applying friction) and therefore muscle elasticity. Not only would this be beneficial for golfers, but all athletes as improving flexibility can enhance performance and improve muscular condition. Having good flexibility is important for golfers as it will increase their range of motion, particularly in their swing. Trigger points/ knots in muscles can be responsible for muscle weakness. Treating these through massage can help to improve strength in the muscles that do the actions of a golf swing. This would in turn increase the power behind it and improve performance.

Common injuries from playing golf are in the elbow and lower back. Sports massage can help to prevent the occurrence of low back injuries. It does this by increasing circulation, flexibility and range of motion (mentioned above)- helping to support strong and healthy muscles. Massage can also provide pain relief for tight or over-stressed muscles- this can reduce recovery time and also stop any problems before they arise. Of the elbow, the most common injury is Medial Epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow). This is when there is pain, weakness, tenderness or a tingling sensation on the inside of the elbow. It is generally caused by overuse but can also be due to trunk or shoulder restrictions that cause compression on the forearms. This can be helped with sports massage by treating the forearm flexor muscles and tendinous attachments.

Self-treatment between massage sessions can massively help to improve the above factors more effectively and quickly. Stretching and self-massage are a couple of the ways that this can be done. Using a foam roller, you can massage the muscles of the back and glutes.

Roll up and Down. To make this deeper, you can also incorporate rotation.

Place the foam roller under the lower back. To make this deeper, you can also drop your knees from side to side.

Lie on your side and adjust the roller. To deepen the stretch, you can straighten your arms.

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