The summer holidays are upon us and now is the time that many people will choose to go away for a bit of fun in the sun. However, if you suffer from neck pain, you’re probably dreading the thought of having to pack enough painkillers or heating/ice packs so that you can enjoy your time away.

Approximately 80% of people experience some form of neck pain in their lifetime. Apart from the usual discomfort, neck pain can also trigger headaches and other symptoms such as numbness, tingling and weakness in the arms. Neck pain can also cause sleeping problems and make turning the head feel painful, which can be dangerous especially when driving.

What causes neck pain?

Your neck is the bridge between your head and your body which allows for movement of the head. The neck is made up of seven vertebrae and is supported by many joints, muscles and ligaments. Neck pain typically occurs when these joints, muscles or ligaments become inflamed or irritated. Neck pain can fall into a broad range from minor pain that can be easily ignored to completely debilitating.

Most people suffer from some form of neck pain in their lifetime, though it is not something that should just be ignored and tolerated. In many instances, neck pain is caused by sleeping in an abnormal position, poor posture or an injury such as whiplash. However, in extreme cases, neck pain can be caused by infections or something more serious. No matter how much pain you are experiencing, neck pain should always be taken seriously.

If your neck pain has been bothering you for more than six weeks and doesn’t appear to be getting any better, we recommend that you seek medical help.

How a Chiropractor can help

A chiropractor can help manage and relieve any discomfort or swelling associated with neck pain. When chiropractic treatment is provided regularly, it allows the patient a non-invasive and safe alternative to prescription medication. Painkillers will only mask the issue, rather than treat it.

A chiropractor can offer gentle yet effective adjustments, reducing misalignments or restrictions in the body. This reduces inflammation, improves the function of the joints and also improves the nervous system which allows the body to better manage the discomfort caused by neck pain.

How to ease neck pain at home

If you are suffering from minor neck pain or stiffness, follow these simple steps:

  • Apply a cold compress for the first 48 to 72 hours then heat.
  • Take pain relievers such as ibuprofen.
  • Take a few days off from sports, heavy lifting and other physical activities.
  • Exercise your neck every day.
  • Use good posture.
  • Change your position often.
  • Get a gentle neck massage.
  • Try a neck pillow when sleeping.

Never use a neck brace without prior approval from your doctor. If not used properly, a neck brace can make your symptoms worse.

At Backworks, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with relief from neck pain. Don’t let neck pain get in the way of enjoying the summer holidays! Contact us to request an appointment or give us a call on 01702 342329.