Our posture is the position that we hold our bodies in whilst standing, sitting, or lying down. We do not consciously maintain our posture, certain muscles and muscle groups in the body do it for us. Postural muscles are responsible for maintaining our balance when we move.

Good posture is more than simply standing up straight. Good posture is essential to both a healthy spine and a healthy body. People with good posture usually sleep better and suffer fewer aches and pains. Good posture can even aid digestion and improve organ function.

A postural imbalance can lead to some serious effects on both the spine and the nervous system. Conditions relating to poor posture include back pain and the degeneration of joints. People with poor postural muscles are also typically more prone to injury.

A chiropractor is able to help correct postural imbalance, simulating the body’s natural healing processes and realigning the spine so that the body functions more optimally. A chiropractor can make adjustments that provide a much wider range of motion and, in turn, better mobility.

Before any adjustments can be made a thorough examination should be carried out. This will include observing the way that you sit and walk, an assessment of your spine, checks for deviations of posture, test on your flexibility and range of motion and test of your muscle strength. Looking at all of the information gathered during a chiropractic examination will allow a chiropractor to decide the best way to improve your posture.

A chiropractic adjustment uses gentle joint movements that help to properly align the body and spine, manipulating certain parts of the body that are interfering with nerves. These adjustments help to reduce muscle tension and stiffness in the affected areas. There will also be some soft tissue manipulation, focusing on overactive muscles that have been compensating for the weaker due to the imbalance that the poor posture has created.

A chiropractor may suggest a number of things that you can also do yourself to help improve your posture. These typically involve making a few changes to your lifestyle including changing your diet, your sleeping position or even your work chair. Nobody can maintain the correct posture unsupported for long periods of time, so it is important that the furniture that you use supports your back properly. A chiropractor may also recommend some strengthening exercises.

Being aware that you have poor posture is the first step towards being able to correct it. Achieving good posture takes time and practice. Learn to listen to your body and make minor adjustments to your posture while both standing and sitting that feel more comfortable. If you feel your back start to curve or your shoulders hunch over stop and take a moment to bring your body back into proper alignment.

Regular exercise and stretching are also both very important for good posture. The NHS website offers some exercises and tips to help improve posture and alleviate muscle tension caused by poor sitting and standing habits.

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